TerraWaves Uptime Demo


In this video I will demonstrate a simple uptime calculator using TerraWaves. The calculator estimates monthly uptime using historical weather from a 24 year database. The histogram displays uptime in days, over a 12 month period. You can interactively determine the uptime associated with any set of weather limits. In this simple demo, the user can set the Significant Wave Height, 10 metre Wind Speed and Peak Period.

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Extreme Values - Part I

Arnold Doray

The concept of extreme values can be confusing even to the experienced engineer. Much of this head scratching involves:
  1. How extreme values should be interpreted in decision making,
  2. How to objectively assess competing estimates of extreme values and
  3. How extreme values relate to well-understood concepts like exceedances.
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Terra Weather Launches World’s First Cloud-based Weather Planning Tool for Offshore Industry

Singapore – 26 November 2013 – Offshore planners and asset managers will now be able to plan critical offshore activities with greater confidence and accuracy, by taking advantage of a first ever cloud-based weather planning tool that allows users to get real-time, instant weather information any time, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection to any web browser from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

TerraWaves is a global online weather service that uses advanced multi-modeling statistical tools to provide time-critical weather information to businesses operating in the offshore industry, including offshore construction, heavy transport, exploration and production.

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